#8 - Judah Klein (Whiskey)

  • Branch Of Service- Civilian
  • Highest Rank Held- None
  • Military Job- None
  • Hockey Position- D
  • Started Playing Hockey- 2018
  • Joined the Tampa Warriors- 2018

What are some of your hockey accomplishments this season? Overall?

Being a part of this organization every year is an honor and the best accomplishment I could ever have on the ice.

What has drawn you to the Warrior program?

The friendship, the competitiveness, and being a part of the lives of amazing men and women that have served their country.

How has it helped you transition between military and civilian life?

Being a civilian I hope I can help anyone transitioning anyway I can.

What is the most fulfilling part of being a Tampa Warrior?

Every week looking forward to skating and talking with my Warrior family and being someone that can be there for them.

What advice do you have for other veterans? Or veterans interested in the program?

I have always told people with the stress that we deal with and obviously military deals with way more than anyone could ever imagine, you have to find a way to relieve that stress and there is no better way then to be a part of an amazing organization that can give you something to look forward to and will always be there like family.