#31 - Brian Lambert

  • Branch Of Service- USAF (4 years of service)
  • Retired or Discharged- Discharged
  • Highest Rank Held- E3
  • Military Job- Security Police
  • Hockey Position- Goalie
  • Started Playing Hockey- 1982
  • Joined the Tampa Warriors- 2020

What are some of your hockey accomplishments this season? Overall?

The fact that I have been able to get back out there after 20+ years and actually be quite successful.

What has drawn you to the Warrior program?

Veterans helping veterans. What is better than that?

How has it helped you transition between military and civilian life?

It’s been quite sometime since I transitioned but the thought of being there for others is exciting.

What is the most fulfilling part of being a Tampa Warrior?

Giving back while playing a game I love!

What advice do you have for other veterans? Or veterans interested in the program?

You have absolutely nothing to lose and a ton to gain!