#4 - Robert Barton (Rob)

  • Branch Of Service- Navy (22 years of service)
  • Retired or Discharged- Retired
  • Highest Rank Held- Chief Warrant Officer Three
  • Military Job- Surface Ordnance
  • Hockey Position- Forward/Defense
  • Started Playing Hockey- 1976
  • Joined the Tampa Warriors- 2019

What are some of your hockey accomplishments this season? Overall?

Just get my legs back after being off the ice for quite a few years.

What has drawn you to the Warrior program?

After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2015, I struggle daily to fight the complications. This program is designed to support each other and play a sport we all love. Many members also struggle with hidden illnesses, this provides an outlet for us to form bonds similar to the ones we had while on active duty.

How has it helped you transition between military and civilian life?

I have been retired from active duty for 6 years so this really has not affected me but for others it could provide continuity.

What is the most fulfilling part of being a Tampa Warrior?

To share our personal abilities to help our teammates, the community of Tampa Bay, and help expand the education of youth hockey.

What advice do you have for other veterans? Or veterans interested in the program?

It’s never too late to learn the game of hockey. The number of warrior programs is growing across the United States so look into what may be right in your backyard.