#35 - Robert Thoits

  • Branch Of Service- Navy (15 years of service)
  • Retired or Discharged- Discharged
  • Highest Rank Held- E-5
  • Military Job- ABH - Fire Fighter / Aircraft Handler
  • Hockey Position- Goalie, Forward
  • Started Playing Hockey- 15
  • Joined the Tampa Warriors- 2017

What are some of your hockey accomplishments this season? Overall?

B/C Level

What has drawn you to the Warrior program?

Being around other Veterans who understand each other.

How has it helped you transition between military and civilian life?

It has not helped the transition for me personally, I transitioned out of the Military years before the Tampa Warriors came to be, but it did help fill a void in my civilian life that only other veterans could understand.

What is the most fulfilling part of being a Tampa Warrior?

Being a family and being there for each other

What advice do you have for other veterans? Or veterans interested in the program?

Be a part of an organization with a support system that works for you and surround yourself with positive people.