#100 - Thomas Bialkowski (Ski)

  • Branch Of Service- Army (5 years of service)
  • Retired or Discharged- Honorable Discharge
  • Highest Rank Held- Specialist
  • Military Job- Soldier
  • Hockey Position- Forward
  • Started Playing Hockey- 2020
  • Joined the Tampa Warriors- 2020

What are some of your hockey accomplishments this season? Overall?

Hitting a scrimmage before ever skating in gear or playing hockey on ice.

What has drawn you to the Warrior program?

The mission of the organization

How has it helped you transition between military and civilian life?

This program provides a good networking opportunity with individuals who have share similar experiences. It’s a great stress outlet.

What is the most fulfilling part of being a Tampa Warrior?

Being able to provide services to both the Veteran and Tampa Bay Area communities

What advice do you have for other veterans? Or veterans interested in the program?

Get involved, you won’t regret it.